Septic Systems

Over 25% of Iowa households use septic systems to safely treat their wastewater on-site. Septic systems consist of several main components: the plumbing, septic tank, and soil treatment area.

At its essence, the plumbing collects wastewater and delivers it to the septic system. The septic tank (sometimes multiple tanks), receives waste water and separates solids from liquids. While the solid waste sinks down and is broken down by billions of bacteria, the liquid waste is treated and filtered through the soil treatment area where harmful pathogens are eliminated by naturally occurring bacteria.

Time of Transfer Inspection – Iowa

Since July of 2009, all buildings sold in Iowa with a septic system must have an inspection by a state certified inspector prior to sale and/or deed transfer. Brown has state certified inspectors on staff, ready to assist you in this mandatory inspection. Learn more..

Installing New Septic Systems

If you are building a house not served by a municipal service system, you will need a septic system. Depending on your location and needs, you may need a conventional septic system or a non-conventional septic system. Our experienced team can design and install a septic system that will be suited to your unique needs and situation. Learn more..

Septic System Repair and Service

Septic systems need proper care and maintenance to function correctly. Our technicians have extensive troubleshooting experience and have the tools necessary to not only diagnose and repair your problem, but address the root cause of the issue to keep it from happening again. In addition, we have a scheduled maintenance program to prevent costly and inconvenient issues from happening in the first place. Learn more..

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about your septic system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Over 25 years of experience allow us to expertly install, diagnose, and repair your septic systems.