Directional Boring

Directional Boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), uses specialized drilling equipment to install waterlines, conduit, and other underground utilities without needing to dig a trench, preserving landscaping and infrastructure above ground.

A small hole is dug at the point of entry. Here the drill will enter the ground and the drill operator will steer the drill to wherever it needs to go. Working under existing landscaping and infrastructure and around existing utilities, directional boring minimizes impact at the service. When the drill surfaces at the exit hole, it can be used to pull back piping or conduit through the hole on the way back.

Directional boring can be used to install:

  • Water Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Electrical Lines
  • Horizontal Geothermal Loops
  • Cable/Phone Lines

Contact us to see if directional boring is beneficial for your project. In addition to directional boring, we also offer excavation and trenching services. Let one of our specialists guide you to the most efficient solution for your project.